Stay In The Know…virtually anytime, anywhere with account eAlerts.

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Stay up-to-date with Account Alerts
Account alerts give you a head-start on responding to fraud, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing what’s happening with your money every day. Regent Bank’s online, e-mailed or text eAlerts help you to stay on top of your account balances! Set up notifications for your checking and savings account balances. Find out when a check has cleared, be alerted of a low balance, receive an e-mail when a deposit is made to your account, and much more.

Create Your eAlerts Today!

  • LOG IN to Online Banking or Corporate Cash Management.
  • Click on the account on which you want to set up the eAlert.
  • Under Messages click New.
  • Choose the eAlerts you want to receive and set the dollar amounts or limits.
  • Select your email address or your mobile number.
  • Continue by entering the information requested on the screens.

eAlerts alert creation

There are a lot of alerts to choose from that will keep you… in the know. Create yours today!

  • Checking Deposit eAlert
  • Check Cleared eAlert
  • Pending Checking Transaction eAlert
  • Pending Wire Transfer Credit or Debit eAlert
  • Pending Large Item Checking Transaction eAlert
  • Checking High/Low Balance eAlert
  • Daily Checking Balance eAlert
  • ACH Checking Deposit eAlert
  • ACH Checking Withdrawal eAlert
  • Debit Card Transaction eAlert
  • Savings Deposit eAlert
  • Savings High/Low Balance eAlert
  • Pending Savings Transaction eAlert
  • Daily Savings Balance eAlert
  • Loan Payment Due eAlert
  • COD Maturity eAlert

Account eAlerts give you a head-start on responding to fraud and the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what’s happening to your money every day. If you see any unauthorized transactions, please contact us immediately.


If you have questions, contact Regent Bank for assistance.