Board of Directors

As a professional or business owner in a specific area, you’re faced with unique issues and situations. But imagine if your bank’s decision makers were hundreds, or even thousands of miles away and had no idea of what conditions businesses faced in your community?

Regent Bank's Board of Directore are seasoned, local business professionals from the South Florida commnunity

Front Row: George Town, Thomasina Caporella, Cyril S. Spiro, G. Jean Cerra, Ph.D., John Csapo Back Row: Barry S. Webber, Esq. Neill LeCorgne, Olin M. Hill, Alfred D. Griffin, Jr., Irving Rosenbaum, D.P.A.  Not pictured: Eric Goldberg, Andrew Jose

That’s the advantage of Regent Bank’s Board of Directors. They are business professionals just like you – local entrepreneurs, professionals and executives – in your community who face the same issues you face each day.

They talk to the Bank’s officers and staff. They keep Regent Bank abreast of the latest trends, developments and practices so crucial to keeping local businesses prosperous and successful. They give constant feedback regarding services, and help Regent Bank tailor them to fit what Bank customers want and need to keep your companies strong … and your profits high.

The Board is vital to helping Regent Bank keep its finger on the pulse of South Florida’s professional and business community, and make sure the Bank continues to provide the best business-related banking services available.

If it’s important to your business, it’s important to Regent Bank.


Thomasina Caporella
University Centre

G. Jean Cerra, Ph. D.
Dean of the School of Human Performance & Leisure Sciences
Barry University, Retired

John C. Csapo
Chief Development Officer
The Kolter Group, LLC

Eric Goldberg
Senior Analyst
Basswood Capital Management, LLC

Alfred D. Griffin, Jr.
Grifs Western, Inc.

Olin M. Hill
Vice President
JB Construction & Design, Inc.

Andrew Jose
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
FJ Capital

Neill LeCorgne
President & Chief Operating Officer
Regent Bank

Irving Rosenbaum, D.P.A.
Executive Dean for Administration
Nova Southeastern University

Cyril S. Spiro
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Regent Bank

George D. Town
Independent Insurance Agent
Advanced Insurance Underwriters

Barry S. Webber, Esq.
Webber, Hinden, McLean & Arbeiter, P.A.